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About Innoasis by Nordic Edge


Innoasis by Nordic Edge is a beautiful building and a vibrant community located i Stavanger. The building is owned by Smedvig and the community is run by Norway’s official cluster for smart and sustainable cities, Nordic Edge. As a cluster we are working every day on helping our members innovate, scale and grow. Innoasis is one of our tools for doing this.

This is our meeting place and hub for our activities, programmes and events. Here we gather people who are all working on creating a smarter and greener tomorrow.

The coworking space is a group of innovative and inspiring members, who all believe in knowledge sharing and collaboration to reach our goals. This makes it a great place to be for start-ups, freelancers and remote workers. As a member of Innoasis you get access to this community, but you also get access to a more extensive network through Nordic Edge. As a national cluster we have around 120 cluster members in Norway, and partners and collaboraters all over the Nordics and Northern Europe.

About the building


The building in Sverdrups gate 27 was built in 1978 for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. It has a square structure with an outdoor atrium at its centre and a rational layout, in line with the modernist mindset of the late 1970s.

The building consists of concrete pillars and girders and two characteristic pointy roofs, a design meant to reflect the factories in the area.

Smedvig started renovating Sverdrups gate 27 in 2021, focusing on reusing existing materials and conserving the structure of the original building.

By implementing world leading VDC and sustainability technology, Smedvig’s subsidiary Veni scanned and modelled the building thoroughly, enabling the use of façade panels, pillars, girders and other concrete elements.

Usage was also optimised by making use of the interior atrium. Here, a massive wood structure was lifted into place in 2021, which connected it with the building’s existing concrete structure.

In addition to the construction materials, reuse and sustainability were emphasised when choosing interior features and furniture for the building. Marble tiles and other interior features from Smedvig’s old head office are some examples of elements that will get a new life at Innoasis.

At the time, Sverdrups gate 27 played an important role in ushering Norway and the region into the oil age. Now Smedvig hopes the building will house new activities that will bring the region into a new era, this time with a focus on smart technology and sustainability.